What is it ?

MenuGen is a small perl script to generate menu pages for a website. This menu consists of static html pages (so no server side scripting necessary) and doesn't use Javascript (so no client side scripting necessary either).

The advantage of such a menu is that

The program is covered by the GNU General Public License.

How does it look like?

Take a look at MenuGen was written to generate the menu there.

How do I use it ?

Go to the subdirectory sample and run make there.

MenuGen reads the file entries.txt from the current directory. It then generates the html files in the subdirectory that you specified as first command line parameter (or in the active directory if the parameter was ommited).

You need an index.html which sets up two frames, one with the menu and one with the content. You have to specify the content frames' name as the link target in entries.txt

The file entries.txt also contains a column for the stylesheet. This can be used to modify the menus' appearence depending on the menu position.

It is possible to use include files in the file entries.txt. This is useful if you want to integrate generated content into the menu. uses this for the documentation / unit guide submenu.

MenuGen also generates a complete index listing (all menus opened at once) for browsers that don't support frames. This file (called is intended to be included in the NoFrames section of the index.html page that sets up the frames. The inclusion itself is not done by MenuGen.

Where do I get it ?


The project website is located at

How do I contact its author ?

Look at the script itself, you'll find the email adress there.

What has happend so far ? (aka History)


(released 2003-03-21)
Fixed: first group could in some cases not be closed again
Changed: alle CSS class names in lower case


(released 2003-03-05)
First public release.